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Wigs and Hair Toppers in Powell

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There is more than one good reason to wear a wig or a hair topper. Thinning hair or balding is inevitable for some. A combination of genetics, stress, and damage can leave your hair much less abundant than you would like. For others, wearing a wig is a beauty decision. Many women simply prefer the look of a flawless wig with no styling time required. Whatever your reason for being interested in a hairpiece, you can find your perfect fit at Hair by JC.

Our expert stylists will work with you to find a wig or hair topper that suits you beautifully and that you will be thrilled with for years to come. Try a full wig for instant style or as a solution to hair loss. For those seeking a fuller and more luscious look around the scalp, where many experience the first sign of thinning, try a hair topper that blends seamlessly. We will guide you through the process of choosing and applying your new, natural-looking hair.

What Is the Difference Between a Wig and a Hair Topper?

Both wigs and hair toppers can help you achieve the look and feel of thick, perfectly styled hair. A wig replaces or covers all your hair, creating a complete and flawlessly-styled look. A hair topper covers only the scalp, with just enough hanging hair to blend seamlessly into your own natural lengths.

Solutions for Hair Loss at Any Stage

Hair by JC has an in-house hair loss expert who is highly skilled in helping clients find the solutions that work for them. Many people first notice the signs of hair loss at the top of the head. You may find that while most of your hair looks the way it always has, the area around your part does not. Hair toppers offer seamless solutions for those seeking more fullness in this area.

If your hair loss is more of an all-over concern, then a wig might be for you. Our experts are highly skilled at matching clients with wigs that look natural on them. We will help you get just the look you want.

Wigs for Beauty and Styling

The benefits and joys of wig use are not just for those with hair loss. Many women opt for the simplicity and beauty of wigs. If you want flawless-looking hair in minutes every day, a wig might be perfect for you. Wearing a wig can save you a ton of time in the morning or before going out.

No more fussing with heat styling tools, worrying about bad hair days, or spending hours on your hair - a wig is ready when you are. Applying your wig takes just minutes, and it stays in place all day until you are ready to take it off for the night.

Hair Toppers for a Thick and Full Look

You know the struggle - you try to put your hair up and find that everything looks beautiful, except the ends of your hair, around your scalp. The volume you want is just not there. Worry no further - a hair topper may be perfect for you.

Our hair toppers blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair to add volume and depth in the area you want it. With a hair topper, you can have full and thick hair that appears to start at the very tips of your roots. The style possibilities are endless. Your friends will wonder how you do it.

Contact Hair by JC in Powell, TN

Hair by JC is a full-service salon located in Knoxville County. Our premier hair loss-certified expert stylists can help you create your perfect look. We will begin with a consultation so that we can fully understand what type of look or solution you are after and obtain accurate measurements to make sure your new hair suits you beautifully. Contact us today at 865-440-3216 to find your new look.

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