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Beautiful Blonding Techniques in Powell, TN

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Hair Salon for Natural Looking Blonde Designs

Lightening darker hair to a natural-looking blonde color can be a real challenge. However, at Hair by JC, you too can enjoy lightened blonde hair, all over or in the pattern of your choosing. Our stylists are adept at coaxing dark hair to take on the shade of blonde you desire, all in the comfort of our spa-like salon environment. Whether you are pursuing a natural look or a more dramatic style, we can custom create your perfect color.

At Hair by JC, our expert stylists are ready to provide you with the hairstyle and color you dream of. We want each client to leave our salon with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beautiful, healthy-looking hair. We are skilled in creating blonde looks while minimizing damage so that you can look and feel your best.

Blonding Style Choices for You

Women of all hair types and colors can now enjoy beautiful blonde patterns with our modernized blonding techniques. You have many options for how to style your hair using these techniques. Whether you want dramatic accents or a head full of platinum blonde hair for a truly classic movie-star look, we can create the style you are seeking.

Blonding techniques we offer include:

  • All-over dye for a natural and stunning appearance.
  • Highlights or more delicate babylights for a soft, blended look.
  • Lowlights to add dimension and texture to your hair.
  • Face framing, where blonde strands encircle your face for dramatic effect.
  • Balayage for a low-maintenance and fun style, which is excellent for those who are growing their hair out.
  • Foilyage, a variation on balayage that is often preferred by those with lighter hair colors.
  • Flamboyage, an on-trend style that combines other blonding techniques to create a more natural-looking and blended hair color.

These are only a few of your many, many blonde style options. We would be happy to work with you to develop a customized look so that your vision matches the style we create for you.

Before we begin to apply color, we will carefully review our plan with you to make sure that you will be walking away with the look you came in to get.

Why Come to Hair by JC for Blonding?

At-home blonde hair dye can be very risky, especially for those who have darker or thicker hair. Lightening dark hair to a natural-looking blonde can be challenging without salon-quality tools, experience, and training. We often see clients come in for color correction services after a home blonding product leaves their hair with an undesired tint or visible damage.

It is best to have blonding performed professionally so that you can be confident in the results you will get. Our coloring specialists are trained to apply blonde coloring to any hair color and type to produce the desired results.

When done professionally, blonding need not result in significant damage to your hair. Home products tend to be harsh, and there is no customization based on your existing color and hair type. We carefully prepare our blonding chemicals to create the effect you want while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated.

Contact Hair by JC

To schedule your blonding appointment, please contact us at 865-440-3216. Our blonding services vary in price depending on the steps needed to lighten your hair and the style you are going for. We will be happy to discuss pricing for your blonding service when you contact us. Our stylists strive to create customized looks for each client so that you will get just the look you want. We want you to have the hair color of your dreams.

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