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Color and Chemical Services in Powell

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Beautiful Hair Color and Styling Possibilities

More and more people are choosing to customize their hair color and style. Gone are the days when your natural hair color and texture are something you just have to accept. Now, you can have virtually any hair color and pattern you desire, and you can get it at Hair by JC. Our expert colorists are waiting to help you create your dream look.

Come to our spa-like environment and relax while we create your new, customized look. We offer both coloring services and a variety of chemical services that can help you obtain the look and feel of your dreams.

Personalized Coloring for Vibrant and Beautiful Hair

Your hair color is a personal choice. In the past, unique colors and designs were far less common. Today, your hair color is a part of your personal expression. More and more women and men are free to choose the color and style they want.

At Hair by JC, we believe that everyone should have a hair color and style that suits them. Whether you want bright, rainbow-colored strands or a simple, all-over color, we can help you create your own perfect look. That is why we work with each individual client to design their dream color.

Coloring services we provide include:

  • All-over color for a classic look
  • Base color to prepare you for dimensional or creative coloring
  • Full or partial highlights to create beautiful contrast
  • Balayage for a unique and colorful design
  • Color correction when you find yourself with a color you do not like
  • Color balance for cohesive styling
  • Blonding that looks natural

If you can imagine it, odds are, we can color it. Our colorists take great pride in our ability to bring clients' visions to life. Many clients combine services to create perfectly personalized color effects.

Relax in our calming environment while we work to create a customized look all your own.

Chemical Services for Personalized Styling

In addition to our coloring services, we proudly offer a variety of chemical services that can help you create just the look you are after. Our chemical services include:

  • Shampoo blowout for gorgeous flowing locks
  • Shampoo blowout with extensions for those seeking longer and fuller hair
  • Deep conditioning to repair damage and leave your hair hydrated, smooth, and healthy. Our deep conditioning package includes a head massage and a hot towel wrap.
  • Brazilian blowouts for the classic voluminous hairstyle beloved everywhere
  • Perming for customized curls

No matter what your hair type is or what kind of style you want, we have the tools and the skills to create just the look you are looking for.

Try Our Platinum Card Package

We offer a special chemical treatment package for those seeking a full-service, spa-like experience. Our Platinum Card package includes:

  • Deep conditioning for soft and hydrated hair
  • Bonder for long-lasting style
  • Lightener to prepare for coloring
  • Color balance to achieve the perfect hair tone
  • Style so you leave looking your best

This package offers everything you need to walk out with renewed, refreshed, and beautifully styled hair. Try this package when you have an important event coming or when you want your hair completely redone.

Contact Hair by JC

To schedule your next hair appointment, please call our salon at 865-440-3216 or contact us online. Pricing for hair coloring services starts at just $45, and the total cost will vary depending on the nature and complexity of your desired style.

We offer a thorough range of competitively-priced services so that you can look just the way you want to. Our stylists are here to help you make your hair color and style dreams come true in our full-service salon.

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