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Micro Point Hair Extensions in Powell, Tennessee

Powell, TN, Micro Point Stylist

Get Natural-Looking Longer Hair Now

Micro Point hair extensions are the next best thing to getting your own natural hair to the thickness and volume you want. This technological development in cosmetology can provide you with a brand-new look so natural that others may never know that your hair came from a salon. Micro Pointing places strands of hair directly onto your scalp, creating a realistic impression.

Look no further than our relaxing salon for your new, natural-looking hair. Hair by JC boasts the only stylist in the Knoxville area who is certified in Micro Point. You can rest assured that your Micro Point style will be done with the utmost skill and professionalism.

What Is Micro Pointing?

Micro Point hair extensions are a next-level alternative to standard hair extensions or wigs. This painless and safe procedure involves winding fine strands of artificial hair, called Cyberhair, around your natural hairs as close to the scalp as possible. There is no glue or harsh adhesives involved, so you need not worry about potentially damaging chemicals.

This nearly-undetectable method of lengthening or thickening thinning or short hair provides you with a head of luscious hair that looks as if you grew it yourself.

Why Choose Micro Point?

Micro Point is a revolutionary technique for those who want the beauty and feel of long hair without the hassle of traditional hair extensions or the difficulty of trying to grow hair naturally. It is excellent for people with thinning hair. Our certified hair loss experts often recommend this styling tactic to those whose natural hair is not as thick as they would like.

Micro Pointing is also less damaging to your natural hair and the sensitive skin of the scalp. It is done by weaving fine strands of strong artificial hair around your existing hair. There is no heat, no chemicals, and no harsh adhesives.

If you have tried hair extensions in the past and found them to be too noticeable, too heavy, or too damaging, Micro Point may be right for you. This procedure is also excellent for those who desire volume and thickness at the top of the head, where traditional hair extensions cannot generally be placed.

Micro Pointing often looks more natural than wearing a wig or hair topper, and saves you the daily hassle of applying a hairpiece. Cyberhair, like your natural hair, has style memory, meaning that over time, your Micro Point extensions will begin to naturally take on the style you choose.

Cyberhair is extremely durable and strong. It can stand up to styling, coloring, and chemical treatments. Once your Micro Pointing is completed, you are free to style and care for your new hair just like you would your natural hair.

Micro Point Pricing

We always begin the Micro Point process with a consultation so that we can ensure you will be happy with your new look. During your one-hour consultation, we will attach six sample hairs and allow you to "test-drive" the installation. The cost of a consultation is $50, which will be applied to your treatment should you decide to move forward.

For just $240, you can walk away with 600 new hairs that blend seamlessly into your own. The installation fee is $100 per hour. Micro Pointing is a durable and low-maintenance styling choice for those seeking a long-term solution to thinning hair.

Contact Hair by JC in Powell, TN

If you are ready for beautiful, bountiful, natural-looking hair now, or if you would like to learn more about Micro Point solutions and other options, please contact us at 865-440-3216. We look forward to giving you the hairstyle you have always wanted.

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