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Get Long Locks Now from Our Bellami-Certified Pro Stylist

Growing out your hair naturally can take years and years. It can also be extremely challenging to keep long hair healthy and vibrant as it grows out. Especially if you color treat your hair or use heat styling methods, growing your natural hair to the right length while having it look the way you want can prove difficult or impossible.

At Hair by JC, you can get the length, style, and color you want without the wait and without the work. We offer a variety of options for adding hair extensions so that you can have the look you want right away. Our Bellami-certified pro stylists will work with you to find your perfect hair extensions.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

The benefits of using hair extensions are numerous. What is not to love about having instantly long and luscious locks in a matter of hours? Benefits of hair extensions include:

  • Gorgeous length without the wait
  • Durable and easy-to-style long hair
  • Choose your style, length, and color
  • Hassle-free hair "growth"
  • Look like a new you in one day

We use only the finest quality hair extensions. With us, you can be sure that you will have a head full of natural-looking long hair. Amaze your friends or romantic partner with a complete hair makeover overnight.

Hair Extension Options and Pricing

At Hair by JC, we will help you find the perfect hair extensions to achieve just the look you are going for. Choose between tape-in extensions between 14"-24" lengths, or K-tip or I-tip extensions in 16"-24" lengths to create your customized look. Our stylists are Bellami-certified.

Tape-in Pricing per pack:

  • 14" - $261.19
  • 16" - $268.99
  • 18" - $272.89
  • 20" - $283.94
  • 22" - $302.79
  • 24" - $335.94

Most clients will need 3-4 packs. Installation fee is $175.

I-tip Pricing per pack:

  • 16" - $156.00
  • 18" - $164.00
  • 20" - $170.00
  • 22" - $178.00
  • 24" - 208.00

Most clients will need 4-5 packs with an installation fee of $50 per pack.

K-tip Pricing per pack:

  • 16" - $150.00
  • 18" - $156.00
  • 20" - $164.00
  • 22" - $170.00
  • 24" - $200.00

Most clients need 4-5 packs with an installation fee of $50 per pack.

Volume Wefts

For those seeking voluptuous volume, we offer volume wefts in a variety of lengths. Volume wefts can give you the big, beautiful hair you have always wanted in just one session.

Volume weft pricing:

  • 16" - $347.64
  • 20" - $473.74
  • 22" - $599.19
  • 24" - $768.19

You will likely need only one pack. The installation fee is $175, while a mini move-up is priced at $100.

Micro Point Hair Extensions

Micro Point hair extensions can give you a truly natural look. Say goodbye to thinning hair and say hello to bountiful volume and a youthful appearance. Our salon has the only certified Micro Point stylist in the Knoxville area, so look no further than Hair by JC for your perfect look.

The installation price is $100 per hour. Our hair loss experts will meticulously install natural-looking hair strands so discreetly that everyone may think your hair growth is natural.

Wigs and Hair Toppers

If you are looking for a fast and easy solution for your hair loss, Hair by JC proudly offers a solution in the form of wigs and hair toppers. We always begin with a consultation so that we can help you make an educated selection and ensure accurate measurements. The price varies based on the unit of hair, so please contact us for more information.

Contact Hair by JC in Knoxville

We are excited to hear from you so that we can help you achieve your dream hair length and style. If you are ready to develop your brand new, perfectly-you look, please contact us by calling 865-440-3216. We are located in charming Powell, Tennessee, and we serve clients throughout the greater Knoxville area.

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