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Get Bouncy, Beautiful Curls with Our Perms at Hair by JC

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On-Trend Perms Your Way in Knoxville

At Hair by JC, we want every client to leave with hair that looks and feels the way they want it to. If you are after a beautiful and long-lasting curly hairstyle, we can offer you just the look you want. You have a lot of options when it comes to getting the style you have in mind. We offer many different types of perms so that you can have exactly the type of waves or curls you are looking for.

Our expert stylists can create a customized style just for you. Whether you are after loose, long curls, or tight ringlets to frame your face, we can give you any perm style you have in mind. We use modern perming solutions to give you the curls you want without the damage you do not.

Pick Your Perfect Perm at Hair by JC

Here, you have complete control over the type of perm you want. We are here to help bring your vision to life. From beachy waves to tight twists, we offer a variety of perming options so that you can get the look you dream of. Just a few of the classic and trendy types of perms we offer include:

  • Body wave perm for full flowing locks
  • Spiral perm to create beautiful ringlets
  • Root perm for voluptuous volume
  • Spot perm for highly customized styling
  • Pincurl perms for bouncy vintage styles
  • Volumizing perms to lift flat or thin hair
  • Men's perms for trendy and current styles
  • And more!

Your perm is up to you. We aim to create the exact style you want. Our stylists will take the time to listen while you describe your perfect perm so that we can help bring your vision to life. We are here to give you the style you want as you want it.

The Pros of Permed Hair

Are you spending hours in curlers to create lovely waves? Has your hair endured heat damage from repeated use of a curling iron? With a perm, you can have the bouncy curls you want without the daily effort.

A perm is a type of chemical treatment that trains your hair to match the style you want. After just one treatment, you can say goodbye to the constant battle of creating curls and say hello to a beautiful and carefree style.

Benefits of getting a perm include:

  • Less time spent styling - Your hair can be photo-ready in minutes.
  • Less need for washing - Permed hair should be washed less frequently than untreated hair, saving you time.
  • Fewer tangles - Tangles can lead to hair loss. Curly hair is less likely to become tangled and should not be brushed daily.
  • Glamorous and on-trend - Curls are having a moment in the fashion world. Take advantage of the simplicity of styling permed hair while appearing beautifully modern and glamorous.

Why Choose Hair by JC?

Not only do we create customized perm designs, we create a relaxing escape from the world during your visit to our salon. Come relax and enjoy our soothing, spa-like environment and forget about your worries while we give you the style of your dreams.

Our stylists take the time to ensure that we fully understand the style you want so that we can create your perfect perm. Each of our experienced stylists is committed to providing high-quality perms tailored to each client's individual preferences.

Contact Hair by JC

To schedule your perm appointment, please contact our salon at 865-440-3216. Perms start at $90, and prices may vary based on the type of perm you want, the length of your hair, and any additional services needed.

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