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Hair Loss Solutions and More Right Here in Knoxville County

Look no further than Hair by JC for all your hair styling and hair loss needs. We offer a wide range of services with a special focus on hair loss solutions, such as extensions and wigs. Here, every client leaves looking and feeling like a model. Our expert stylists will work with you to design the customized look you want.

We also offer a variety of color and chemical services, including custom color applications, highlights, deep conditioning treatments, and blowouts. If you are looking for a truly rejuvenating experience, also try our Serenity Relaxation package for a spa-like experience.

Hair Loss Solutions in the Knoxville Area

Thinning hair is a normal and often-inevitable part of life, but that does not mean you are stuck with that look. At Hair by JC, our hair loss expert can help you find the right solution for you. In modern times, you have a variety of options for getting the look and feel of long, luscious locks that show no sign of aging or damage.

We offer custom solutions to thinning hair including:

  • Extensions - Hair extensions blend seamlessly into your existing natural hair to add length and volume.
  • Micro Point - Come see Knoxville's only Micro Point certified stylist for high-tech extensions that attach directly to the hair on your scalp without the need for adhesives.
  • Wigs - Wigs provide a simple and speedy solution for those seeking an all-over voluminous and natural look.
  • Hair toppers - Hair toppers are often an excellent choice for those in need of a little extra volume around the scalp.

Hair Coloring Services

More and more people are choosing their own hair color. Our coloring experts can offer you the vivid and unique color you have always wanted. Our coloring services include:

  • Blonding - Custom lightening patterns for beautiful blonde accents or all-over color that makes you look like a natural beach blonde.
  • Highlights and lowlights - Bring out the best in your hair with highlights or lowlights to create contrast and depth.
  • Balayage and hair trends - Stay up-to-date on your style or try the latest trend.
  • Color correction - Color mistakes? No problem. We can correct these issues and make sure you can maintain the look you desire.

Perming and Chemical Services

Come and get the professional style you have always wanted without all the damage that comes with home treatments. We offer:

  • Perms - Perming today is nothing like the perms of the past. Today, both men and women can enjoy customized curls with the aid of salon perming. Whether you want loose ringlets, beachy waves, or tight pincurls, we can offer you just the style you want.
  • Deep conditioning - For rejuvenated and healthy hair. Our service includes a head massage to relax you as well as your locks.
  • Blowouts - Our blowouts leave you with a voluminous style that looks radiant and stunning. See our Brazilian blowout certified specialist for your perfect hairstyle.

Serenity Relaxation Package

For those seeking a relaxing, spa-like experience, our Serenity Relaxation package offers just what you need. When you choose this luxury option, we start by dimming the lights to create a serene environment. Or, choose our soft blindfold to slip into a meditative-like state while we work on your hair.

Enjoy a rejuvenating head massage and a hot towel wrap to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This package is designed for those who want to come in and deeply relax while we work on your hair and relieve stress all at once.

Contact Hair by JC in Powell, TN

Hair by JC is your one-stop shop for all your hair loss and hair styling services. We provide luxury salon services so that you can look and feel your best. To schedule an appointment or have your questions answered, please call us at 865-440-3216 or contact us online.

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