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Serenity Relaxation Package

Powell hair stylist offering relaxation and serenity

Come Enjoy a Spa-Like Salon Experience Here in Powell

Hair salons have long been an escape from the stresses and pressures of life. Women and men as well have turned to salons as not only a place to have their hair done, but where they can unwind. Now, Hair by JC has taken the relaxation aspect to a new level with our Serenity Relaxation Package.

Enjoy spa-like services and relax while we take care of your hair. This option is for those who need a break from life and want to have their hair done in a serene environment for true relaxation. We aim to create a truly peaceful and calming experience for each client.

How We Create a World of Peace and Serenity

Having your hair done professionally can be a soothing experience as it is. Our goal is to elevate our salon experience to the next level by offering this package. If you want to escape from life for a while and leave truly relaxed and content - not to mention with a beautiful new hairstyle - then this package is for you.

We take steps to create a serene environment so that you can achieve deep and lasting inner peace while we do your hair. Our stylists start by dimming the lights to promote a more restful atmosphere. You likely spend enough time under harsh lighting at work or out in the world. Here, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional hair salon without bright and disruptive lighting bearing down on you and making it difficult to unwind.

If you choose, we can offer you a soft and comfortable blindfold to truly immerse you in the experience. You may find that when you cannot see, your other senses will heighten, allowing you to fully enjoy the sensations of having your hair cut, colored, chemically treated, or styled.

A heated towel can further your level of deep relaxation as we envelop you in warmth. The heat acts to unwind your muscles, allowing you to melt into the experience. As your body relaxes, your mind is likely to follow.

Finally, we offer a three-minute head massage. Head massages can unwind the often-neglected muscles around the face and scalp while promoting the growth of healthy hair. Few things can compare to receiving a head massage in our serene, spa-like atmosphere. In our dimly lit area, you may find that your sense of touch is more sensitive than usual, allowing you to become fully immersed in your gentle and soothing head massage.

To help you focus on the sensations of the experience, we minimize conversation. Our stylists will discuss your hair services before we begin so that you need only focus on quieting your mind and dissolving into the experience. Once you have decided on the haircut or other services you would like, we will begin the experience. You are then free to slip into a meditative state as we work on providing you with our high-quality styling services.

We offer a variety of salon services that can be paired with our Serenity Relaxation package. You can enjoy services like a haircut, expert styling, coloring, or deep conditioning while we bring you to a state of complete calm. This package is for those who want to come in, forget the rest of the world for a while, and leave looking and feeling beautiful and relaxed.

Contact Hair by JC

If you are ready for an immersive and serene experience in our spa-like salon, contact us at 865-440-3216 to book your appointment. Pricing will vary based on the hair services you receive during your Serenity Relaxation experience. We are located in charming Powell, Tennessee.

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